aboutAsymmetry Technologies is a science based company with a focus on providing solutions using inventive and novel approaches. This asymmetrical process provides our customers and clients unique, innovative and progressive products and ideas. Since our inception, we have been a research driven company providing quality and innovative solutions to the global marketplace. Our company undertakes development, manufacturing, and marketing of biological and chemical based solutions that is the result of long-term strategic alliances making us a world leader in smart chemistry and bio-tech formulated products. Our mission is the commercialization of sustainable chemical and microbial products. Our goal is to provide a new platform of solutions for customers around the world.

Asymmetry Technologies offers a comprehensive line of innovative chemistry and bio based products and technologies in the Agricultural, Biological, and Water Treatment Marketplaces. Our unique group of talent and production capabilities has led to many innovative microbial based solutions. This, coupled with our approach and commitment to Research & Development, has us considered one of the best innovative companies in the industries we serve.

With our advances in new microbial discoveries, innovative chemistry, advanced biology, and field testing, the results are transforming the markets we serve, making Asymmetry an innovation powerhouse.