Asymmetry Technologies, along with its respective team members and partners, have extensive experience within the Microbial Marketplace. This experience includes isolating and screening the proper microbe, identifing microorganisms using various methods, (including PCR amplifiication and 500 base pair DNA recognition), long term cryo-storage of these microbes under the conditions necessary for microbial survival without genetic shift. Finally, commercialization which includes media optimization, fermentation, harvesting and purification of the desired organism or metabolite.

Our laboratory is also, second to none. We have capabilities in biotechnology that include advance Microscopy, Aseptic Propagation, PCR amplification, Plasmid and Vector recognition, Organism isolation and commercialization, in addition to chemical analysis and formulation capabilities in both liquid and powder variants.

Asymmetry prides itself on gathering and utilizing unique intellectual data. We currently have hundreds of organisms in our library that have been isolated, cultured and preserved. In addition, the values placed on the companies global network of vendors, partners and collaborators are what drives our products in the marketplace. These relationships and technologies provide a platform for both ourselves and our customers to enjoy a healthy and profitable partnership. A partnership which yields results in both the laboratory and the real world!



  • Stabilized Liquid Concentrates.
  • Powdered Formulations.
  • Pure or standardized cultures.