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Boost Plant Yield with Optimized Irrigation Performance

Water Quality is a major potential clogging factor in low volume irrigation systems. Due to the extended life of Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), untreated water can produce a scale, slime, or similar impediments in your system. These issues cause reduced emitter flows, lower overall flow rates, increased system water pressure, excess pumping hours, and higher pump fuel consumption. These performance issues reduce efficiency and ultimately hamper plant production rates.
We provide uniquely formulated solutions using new chelation and sequestering technologies with natural dispersants that make this a problem of the past.

Our Irrigation Solutions Help

Prolong the life of irrigation systems

Reduce operating costs 

Increase Plant Yields 

Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Our commitment to field work, trials, and real world experience has shown us that a single product approach to water quality treatment rarely achieves success. Each irrigation source is unique – water quality and content vary dramatically from farm to grove. Asymmetry provides a range of products to support a variety of challenges.

Asymmetry irrigation solutions are concentrated formulations, which are continually injected into your mainline irrigation. The automated process activates at pump start and injects during the entire irrigation event. Because our formulas are extremely concentrated, typical dosing is highly effective and becomes very economical.


For use on all crops

Easily passes through any emitter

Cost effective

Smarter and safer chemistry

Irrigation Solutions Products


Line cleaner formula designed to meet the challenges associated with anionic compounds and substances, such as sulfur compounds.


Line cleaner formula designed to meet the challenges caused by cationic compounds and minerals, such as: Iron, Calcium, Manganese, and most of their naturally occurring isotopes


Line cleaner formula designed to meet challenges associated with systems using surface water.


Line cleaner formula designed to meet challenges associated with clay and similar particulates.


We can develop custom products tailored to your unique conditions based on water testing and irrigation system set up.

Protect Your Flow

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